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Host Server Mgmt Interface Random Packet Drops

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  • Host Server Mgmt Interface Random Packet Drops

    I have eight Srvr08 host servers at branch offices with Hyper-V and 4 TOE network adapters each. One NIC is for host management and has static IP address with NetBIOS and DNS registration enabled. We don't run IP ver 6 on our network and that is disabled on each NIC. The other 3 network adapters are teamed and are used for VM's. These host servers have considerable resource headroom and are not being taxed at all. The VMís are all Server 2003 SP2: 1) File and Print + DHCP 2) AD Domain Controller + DNS 3) Sophos AntiVirus library server + WSUS 3.0 SP1.
    I uninstalled the SAV from each of the host servers based on recommendation from Minasi Reader Forum. It has somewhat improved an issue which I have seen from Day One of the deployment: I have ActivExperts network alerting software running on my network which every minute pings the host management IP address. After 2 successive failures, it reports an alert.
    I am getting alerts intermittently and ramdomly one or 2 times per 24 hour period on 5 of the host servers which are identically configured. Each of the packet drop failures only lasts for 2 polls of the monitoring cycles and always reports 'success' on the 3rd minutes' ping. Everything is unbound from the teamed adapter (3 NICs) used for VM traffic and the host management interface is configured just like a regular server NIC. Windows Firewall, file sharing and network discovery are disabled on all host servers.
    We have not been able to determine any user-related impacts with respect to this mysterious anomaly--i.e., the VM's are working fine. The HP switches to which the host servers are attached do not report any link loss or any errors at all and the network traffic is not high. We are not running VLANís. I disabled power management (turning off resources to save power) in the host serversí OS and on each of the NICís. Finally, I disabled the Host interface that was added to the External Virtual Network that we created for the Virtual Machines
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Host Server Mgmt Interface Random Packet Drops

    What type of NICs are you using? Did you try to upgrade their drivers?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Host Server Mgmt Interface Random Packet Drops


      Thnx for the reply.

      The servers are HP DL160 G5 using 2 NC105i PCIe Gigabit server adapters and 2 NC360T PCIe Gigabit server adapters. They are running the latest version of HP Network Software and drivers.



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        Re: Host Server Mgmt Interface Random Packet Drops

        Additionally, see this thread from the Technet Hyper-V forum I have initiated:


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          Re: Host Server Mgmt Interface Random Packet Drops

          Still having the problems. Any other thoughts or can you suggest any resources I could tap?