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Help - Trying to save my hyper-v domain controller

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  • Help - Trying to save my hyper-v domain controller

    Hi all,

    Please help!

    Ok here is the senario

    Host 2008 server - virtual sbs 2008 domain inside with client 2008 server & xp machine - stupidly on the same disk. came in a few days ago to them all paused critical because of low disk space so after trying to unpause them and failing. I turn them all off and I move the 2008 server & xp machine (20GB in total) off to an external hdd but do not start them. I then decide in my infinite wisdom that deleting a couple of snapshots would help (just like it would in wmware right). Well I didnt know it needed time to Merge the snapshots afterwards and it has swallowed the 20GB I cleared and has been merging ever since for about 3 days now taking the OS down to about 1MB free disk space. There are still 2 snapshort left on the SBS server which I dont care about just the latest one. I desperately want to save that one.

    I dont actually understand where all the disk space has gone it has a 250GB disk in it the virtual machines total around 60 - 80 and browsing the disk I cannot find files to add up to the rest.

    Please can anyone help

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Help - Trying to save my hyper-v domain controller

    Check your application data folder in C:\Users\(userName)\Application Data.

    This can usually fill and you would never notice.

    Also run %temp% from a command prompt and clear that out.

    Lastly, go folder by folder at the root of C: and see whats taking up the space.

    You can always buy another hard disk as well to get you back up and running.

    Be careful with the external hard drives. You dont want to move a VM to a FAT32 partition. Stick with NTFS.

    Good luck.



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      Re: Help - Trying to save my hyper-v domain controller

      Favorite files to archive onto a DVD or another drive: c:\Windows\$NTUninstallKB???????$. You can safely move them all off the drive and if you need to uninstall one of them put it back. Depending on the server this has saved me over gig of space and you can do it for each VM plus the host machine. After that's done, if all our windows updates are installed, reset the windows update folder. Go into services, stop the "Auto Update" service, delete the c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder, then start the service back up (it will recreate the directory). That should free up a lot more space if you havn't ever done it.