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Hyper V Hell- ServerHyper_R2_Beta.iso

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  • Hyper V Hell- ServerHyper_R2_Beta.iso

    This image:

    Gives me the option to install 2008 Server Std Full or Core.

    It does not install Hyper-V standalone.

    I am going insane trying to cobble together how to get hyperV installed on core std 08 r2 when I should be getting a straight hvconfig.cmd window on startup.

    I download that exact same image, and DO NOT get HyperV standalone, I get 2008 R2 STD core with hyperv not installed.

    Has anyone run across a similar situation? Perhaps im commiting a tremendously idiotic oversight? I'd be very grateful for a finger pointing in the right direction.


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    Re: Hyper V Hell- ServerHyper_R2_Beta.iso

    Hi Guys, another full work day dedicated to installing hyper-v standalone, with no success.

    I have tried Hyper-V 2008 image:


    and Hyper-V 2008 R2 image:

    They both install windows 2008 std, leaving me to manually install and configure Hyper-V. From Core, I have to install the Hyper-V package manually, and use command line to configure remote management. Even then, I don't get the hvconfig.cmd file at all.

    Is there anything I'm missing here?