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Guest Web Server and virtual network

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  • Guest Web Server and virtual network

    Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of familiarizing myself with Server 2008 and Hyper-V. One of my main issues is the networking. Before I started this I had a 2003 server that I was hosting my websites on and also my mail server. I am trying to get all that switched over to 2008 server and to put the web server and mail server on virtual machines.

    The networking setup is giving me difficulty.
    Let me give some structural background first.
    My web server is my home machine.
    I am using Zoneedit as my name servers (DDNS)
    My ISP is Comcast (residential) so I have one public address
    Internaly I have one 8 port Netgear router connecting to the Comcast modem.
    Port fording on the Netgear sends all HTTP and SMTP traffic to the server machine, static IP 10.x.x.x.

    I guess the first point of confusion for me is what happens when you configure a virtual network interface. My machine has two NICs in it, though at present one of them is disables / uninstalled.

    So I think what I am trying to do is to have the host OS protected from the outside but to have the guest OS, 2003 Server running IIS, listening for HTTP request and SMTP traffic on the external connection. This means I have to configure port forwarding on the Netgear to point to the IP configured on the guest OS, and I need the guest OS to listen on that external interface.

    It’s the last part of that that is giving me trouble. I’ve been reading up on this and from the little I can find I understand that when I configure a virtual connection in “Virtual Network Manager” it creates a copy of the actual physical adapter on the machine. From here it starts to get pretty confusing.

    In “Network Connections” I see that all the settings I have set on the physical adapter have been removed and appear to have been configured on the virtual adapter. Frankly this just confuses the issue more.

    Does anyone know of any “Step by Step” documentation on this aspect of Hyper-V

    BTW, here is a diagram that sort of demonstrates where I need to go with this just in case it might help.

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    Re: Guest Web Server and virtual network

    Make sure your virtualised servers get an IP address in the same range as your netgear and physical computer and then treat it like any oher machine. When you create the VM using Hyper-V, it will ask you the physical adapter to associate with VM with. Configure AV, firewall the same as you would a physical machine.