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Intel Matrix Storage Console: command line or MMC?

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  • Intel Matrix Storage Console: command line or MMC?

    Elsewhere I've discussed my desire to use Hyper-V to run all my machines/functions on one physical computer, and how it probably is not realistic. Here's another reason. Remember I'm talking SoHo size operations.

    My server has RAID5 disk setup provided by the motherboard. Initial configuration is in the BIOS and it's only after a few days of Hyper-V Server (no GUI), that I've realised that I would want the Intel Matrix Storage Console if ever I want to rebuild the array. Another gotcha about Hyper-V Server for someone like me who wants to do it cheaply!

    I'd thought that RDP might handle using the IMSC, but it won't install without the GUI!

    Has anyone met this issue and found out if a command line or MMC based utility is available?