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1 host, 2 servers 2 subnets with Hyper-V

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  • 1 host, 2 servers 2 subnets with Hyper-V

    Hey All,

    I have a situation where i have the following setup:
    1 host : 2 physical NICs
    2 Hyper-V Machines, 1 = SBS08, 2 = 08 Standard (Web Server)

    What i want to do is to have these on seperate networks so i keep the web server isolated from the internal network.

    can i have these two servers use 1 physical NIC but be on different subnets? Or do i need to create a seperate external virtual network, binding it to my second physical NIC and then configure my router to deal with the traffic? Or can i just have Hyper-V do it all?

    Thanks people