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Confused - 2008 Hyper-v Virtual Host NIC settings

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  • Confused - 2008 Hyper-v Virtual Host NIC settings

    I have read + read more about this and I think I am on the right track, but what is the optimal config? I have a Windows 2008 hosting a virtual file, exchange, 2 - app servers, dc, and one other box.

    There are 2 on-board nic ports (1gb) and then 1 dual port card - (1gb ports)

    Right now I can't team 3 of the ports up as I wanted with the HP software as it appears 1 isn't going to work with the other 2 - I think maybe due to different brands or cards?
    I teamed up 2 ports on the single card and assigned them to the file box. Then I took the single 1gb port and assigned that to the rest of the servers. I created 2 virtual switches of course and then disabled the "virtual nic" that is created after you do that. However I am not sure that is the best solution, but from all the reading it appears unless you need the virtual nics to manage the host you should do that. On the physical nics the only one that has an IP is the 4th that is left for host mgmt. So the rest only have the HP config tool and Virtual switch protocol enabled and they have no IP or anything on them, they are I believe acting just as ports.

    So what is the right/best practice solution? The reason I ask is I am seeing a HUGE amount of discarded packets on the on-board NIC only - the one going to the file box. However that was bigger even before this change as that single 1gb port was the only one available to all of these virtual guests, the new card was just added today.

    The nic card and switch port settings are auto and all showing at 1gb. The nic only allows me to set to auto 1000Full, so the switch is auto and shows to 1gb.

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    Re: Confused - 2008 Hyper-v Virtual Host NIC settings

    Why are you teaming the NICs??? Do you need failover on 2 redundant switches?

    I would dedicate 1 NIC for the HOST. Then separate the 3 other physical NICs into EXTERNAL #1, #2 and #3.

    Determine which servers will need the most network bandwidth and dedicate an external interface(NIC) to that particular server.

    As you add more Guests to the server, allocate the different External Adapters accordingly.

    Its very difficult to saturate a GIG link so I think you are good regardless.

    NIC teaming isnt going to get you any more speed, just redundancy especially in Hyper-V.

    Hope that answers your questions in a broader view.

    Cheers to Hyper-V!