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Best practice storage solution for Hyper-V in Blade system

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  • Best practice storage solution for Hyper-V in Blade system

    We bought HP c3000 Blade enclosure.
    2 Blades BL460G1 with folowing configuration:
    2xIntel Xeon Quad Core, 10GB RAM, 2x146GB HDD, 2 NIC, Win2k8x64 ENT
    1 Blade storage, HP StorageWorks All-in-One SB600c, running 6x146GB HDD in RAID6 array, iSCSI capable, Windows Storage Server 2003 installed.

    My job is to configure blades for hosting Hyper-V VMs

    I'm currently in testing phase, so I don't know what is best practice to connect Blade storage for hosting VMs.

    Plan A:
    Use shared directory (\\server\vm\) on blade storage for hosting virtual disks and virtual machines

    Plan B:
    Create two iSCSI targets for two blades. Connect LUNs to Blades and host virtual disks and machines on iSCSI LUNs. Assign drive letters to iSCSI targets

    Or, if someone has better idea, I will be very grateful for suggestions

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    Re: Best practice storage solution for Hyper-V in Blade system

    What is the purpose of holding the VHDs on the storage?
    High-availability? Not enough disk space on the internal drives?
    For a start, there is this article you can read, but with further info, we'll be able to pinpoint the issue.
    Anyway, I don't think that \\server\sharename is an option...

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      Re: Best practice storage solution for Hyper-V in Blade system

      Thanks for your reply

      The purpose of holding VHDs on storage is not enough disk space on blade, only 146GB, and system partition uses 50GB. High-avaiability won't be used for now. Maybe in future use.

      For now, I'm running test VM guest configured as \\server\sharename\ targeted on blade storage. For now it's working properly

      Do you think it would be better to create, for example 2 iSCSI targets for two blades, who will store VHDs for guests. In that case, blades will see new disk who will store VHDs mapped with drive letter.
      I could connect iSCSI targets form BIOS of Blades, or from OS of W2k8 iSCSI initiator? Which one is best practice?
      Also, do I need to have witness disks even I will not use clustering or it's enough only to create one target per blade?
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        Re: Best practice storage solution for Hyper-V in Blade system

        I have the same setup in my enviroment, but have since upgraded to a C7000 chassis.

        The SSB600 Storage works blade acts as an iSCSI SAN within the enclosure.

        You want to take your 2 BL460's and attach to the SB600 via iSCSI for your storage requirements.

        From there, point your VM config and setting directory to attach to the newly created target(Drive) that will show up locally on your BL460. This will centralize where your VHDs and configs are stored making it easier to access in the even of a disaster or if you wanted to cluster your 2 BL460s!

        The benefit of doing this is the fact that your BL460s only have 2 drive bays. So mirror the OS, install 2008 x64 enterprise and then enjoy the speed that the SB600 provides since its local to the enclosure.

        BEWARE, the C3000 and SB600 do require periodic maintenance and updates to the firmware so be sure to test everything before entering production. I made that mistake before.

        Let me know if that clears things up for you.