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P2V failure: Warning (13210) Timeout occurred while waiting for VM integration servic

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  • P2V failure: Warning (13210) Timeout occurred while waiting for VM integration servic

    Hi there

    Looking for some advice re SCVMM P2V.

    We have a Hyper-V box, and the first P2V went perfectly (our Forefront server) with no problems at all.

    However, I have tried to P2V our CRM server (sitting on Windows Server 2003 SP2) and it failed with the below errors:


    Warning (13210)
    Timeout occurred while waiting for VM integration services to be installed on virtual machine hostname residing on host

    Recommended Action
    Ensure that the version of the VM integration services binaries matches the version of the guest operating system in the virtual machine and then try the operation again.

    Warning (13222)
    An internal error occurred while Virtual Guest Services were being installed on virtual machine host residing on host

    Recommended Action
    Try the operation again. If the same error occurs again, contact your support personnel for further help.

    I've tried googling the errors and recommended actions but hven't came up with anything useful yet.

    Are these common P2V issues?

    I have tried various things, such as:

    >selecting a single virtual processor when running the P2V wizard

    >adding in the P2VBITSTcpPort entry to the registry (tried ports 445 and 446)

    >tried creating the VM on a different disk array

    Nothing worked.

    I'm wondering if the issue could be with the scsi card on the target physical server.

    It is a LSI Logic PCI-X Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter (Embedded).

    Could there be a clash between this device and Hyper-V/SCVMM?

    Have already posted a similar question on the Microsoft forums and although someone has been kind enough to offer support advice, the problem persists.

    If anyone has any knowledge on how to resolve this, it would be very much appreciated.


    Taw Jackson

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    Re: P2V failure: Warning (13210) Timeout occurred while waiting for VM integration se

    Hi, Taw_Jackson. Never encountered this issue, so I don't have the solution in hand...
    Two questions:
    - the server that did manage to "survive" the P2V process, was it the same OS?
    - have you checked the Event logs of the physical server for any errors on that side?
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    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: P2V failure: Warning (13210) Timeout occurred while waiting for VM integration se

      Hello Sorin

      Thank you for responding.

      1) Yes, exactly the same, both are Windows Server 2003 Std Edt SP2. The server that P2V'd perfectly ran Forefront CS, the server that continues to fail runs CRM

      2) Been through the logs repeatedly on both the target box and the Hyper-V server, nothing helpful found.

      Checked the hardware, all ok.

      The guy from the MS forums says it must be connected with the configuration of the VM - but what is wrong I cannot fathom. I basically selected the same settings as before, all bog standard stuff.

      I had hoped there would be a tool available from MS which would help diagnose the fault, but alas no.

      Real challenge, this one, I guess especially since Hyper-V is a fairly new product.

      Cheers for now