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Hyper-V Corrupted?

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  • Hyper-V Corrupted?

    running 2008 Std x64

    last week had to reboot due to windows updates.
    Then we noticed some services were not running on the network that are hosted on a virtual machine in Hyper-V.
    Hyper-V had lost the VM completely so I tried accessing the VHD with winimage.

    The VHD was split into 2 partitions with windows 2000 on the first and all my data on the 2nd.
    When I loaded the VHD into winimage it had only 1 partition, the first. (C: )

    I tried to attach the VHD to a new VM and it looked good until it said setup is being restarted.

    I am at a loss here because I have only just found out that the symantec system recovery has not been backing up the disk properly.
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    Re: Hyper-V Corrupted?

    First of all, what is your question?
    Second: I did not see anywhere on the WinImage documentation that is compatible with Hyper-V image disks. Only VirtualPC and Virtual Server. It should be OK, but who knows?
    Third: from what I saw, WinImage works with fixed disks. Was your disk Fixed size?
    Fourth: after you rebbot the new VM, do you still see only what was previously the C:\ partition?

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