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Delete snapshot fail, invalid state

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  • Delete snapshot fail, invalid state

    The drive the VM's are running on have run out of space and this caused all my VM's to go into Paused-Critical state.
    To free up some space I want to delete some snapshots I took. Where my snapshot is extended from the main VM with the Now (green arrow) extending the snapshot.
    When I try to delete the snapshot I get the following error.
    Failed to perform the operation. The virtual machine is not in a valid state to perform the operation.
    Any Ideas?

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    Re: Delete snapshot fail, invalid state

    IIRC, your VM has to be in a specific state to be able to do certain operations, like deleting a snapshot. Looks like Pause-Critical is not one of them. I read an article about it some time ago, cannot find it at the moment. I'll post it here if I'll find it...
    Anyway, you may need to use Turn Off action to close your VMs and to delete the snapshots.
    Note: I am doing my first steps in Hyper-V also, so this advice is not based on personal experience, but on things I read. Use it as you see fit.

    Sorin Solomon

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