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Hyper-V scenario

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  • Hyper-V scenario

    Hi everyone,

    I will move my DC server, Echange server, ISA server to hyper-v servers. What is the best scenario for this applications?

    Example : Hyper-v core edition for 1 or 2 servers with 4 cpu and 1 server for hyper-v management.

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    Re: Hyper-V scenario

    What operating systems on the virtual servers?
    For example, Exchange 2007 should not be virtualised (see Exchange forum for link)
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      Re: Hyper-V scenario

      We are using IIS5, IIS6, DC and file server on win2k3 , Exchange 2003 , SQL 2005 , MS VPN , RRAS and ISA 2006


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        Re: Hyper-V scenario

        I think you will need a consultant to come and map exactly the systems you have there, their workload and other aspects (like mission-critical tasks and downtime acceptable).
        One thing I can tell you is that you will need one DC on physical server, it is not a good thing to have all DCs on VMs.

        Sorin Solomon

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          Re: Hyper-V scenario

          Is ISA server acting as a firewall or a proxy server?
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            Re: Hyper-V scenario

            proxy only.


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              Re: Hyper-V scenario

              Microsoft strongly recommend that you do not virtualise:

              • FSMO role holders
              • Global Catalogs (IIRC - could be wrong, I play it safe by not virtualising DCs)
              • Exchange
              • SQL Server
              • Anything else that's performance intensive
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                Re: Hyper-V scenario

                Personally, I have nothing against virtualizing DCs, as long as there's at least one GC that's not in a VM...

                In any case, planning your VM environment and tuning the VMs is related to running a capacity planning tool or manually doing it. There are some server roles that simply are'nt good for running on a VM, while others have no problem and performance is hardly impacted. As sorinso said - If you don't have the skills to do it on your own, hire a consultant to do it for you.

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