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SCSI Tape drives in Hyper V environment

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  • SCSI Tape drives in Hyper V environment


    Is there any way possible so that a Hyper V VM will see an internal scsi ultrium tape drive so that i can use the latest version of backup exec small business with sbs 2008, i have years of old archive data so need to be able to restore it plus want message level restore?

    Thak You

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    Re: SCSI Tape drives in Hyper V environment


    I've the same question (with Arcserve).
    On other forum, somebody told me to search solution with iSCSI (but he hasn't tested it).
    I haven't got time to investigate, perharps the next week. If I find solution, I will post here informations.

    Best regards.



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      Re: SCSI Tape drives in Hyper V environment


      I'm sorry but at this time, I could'nt test and I haven't found new informations...



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        Re: SCSI Tape drives in Hyper V environment

        Originally posted by kevinhsieh
        The only way you can access the tape drive from the guest is if you can access it via iSCSI.

        You can only access disk resources, keyboard, mouse, video, network, serial and I think parallel ports from the host. SCSI devices (not disk), USB devices, firewire, and other hardware is not available to your guest.

        You will need to use the tape drive with the host only. SCSI to iSCSI bridges cost from around $600 to $5000. See

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