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Mouse Control on NT 4.0 Guest on Hyper-V

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  • Mouse Control on NT 4.0 Guest on Hyper-V

    Hello. This is my first post on this forum.

    I have been testing NT 4.0 Server as a Guest on Hyper-V when accessing the the server with Hyper-V via RDP. I have yet to get the mouse to function when accessing the Hyper-V server with Remote Desktop. At the time of this writing, I haven't had direct access to the Hyper-V server to see how the mouse works from the console. I realize this is not supported by MS. Does anyone have suggestions about this. NT 4.0 was a fast way to initially get acqainted with Virtual PC and Virtual Server, as NT is quick to install and its ISO's and VM's are small. I had hoped for the same on Hyper-V.

    Should anyone attempt installing NT on Hyper-V, I have a few suggestions from my intial experiences:
    1. Create a VM with 64 MB or RAM and a 500 MB hard drive. I first tried 200 MB, and was not able to install the service pack, though I may have been able to use the command line to prevent backing up of files during the SP6 install. Do not start the VM though, until you first change a few VM Setting discussed below.
    2. Before starting the VM, change the BIOS to boot from the IDE before the CDrom. Otherwise you will have to eject and re-insert the ISO image several times during the first few restarts.
    3. Install a Legacy network adapter and associate it with your physical network card via the Add Hardware in Hyper-V Manager. I removed the default network adapter, but this may not be necessary. When I got to the Networking part of installation during the NT Setup, I selected the "Detect Network" and it did detect the DEC NIC. I selected DHCP when it was offered and deselected IIS.
    4. Check the "Limit Processor Capability" in the processor settings.
    5. Point the CD ROM to the NT ISO that you can easily create from a CD with ISOrecorder or use the install CD in the CD drive.
    6. Know a few keyboard shortcuts such as TAB, Arrow Keys, Alt Enter, Ctrl-Esc, Alt-F4. My first challenge was getting rid of a Services Failed window that would pop up and get deactivated if I was't watching carefully during some VS migration attempts. It then stayed on top of the other windows I needed to interact with. Activating windows such as this to remove it with Alt-F4 requires the TAB key. Once the Start button is activated, the next TAB actually activates the task bar, but you won't see that it is selected and an application isn't selected until after pressing one of the arrow keys.
    7. I have not been successful migrating from an NT on Virtual Server to Hyper-V, even after removing the Machine Additions and properly shutting down NT on Virtual Server. I then get a Blue Screen when using the VHD it on Hyper-V.
    8. I recommend placing the NT 4.0 sp6 and IEsp1 (iesetup.exe or the full download of IE) on the Host file system or another network share. Share the folder with these installs, so that it will be easy to access it from the NT guest, which will have no mouse capability. NT's Network Neighborhood seems to be quickly populated with other servers on the network.
    9. You can download a full installation of IE 6 SP1 for ME, NT, 2000 and XP from an NT system. I could not perform the full download from XP or Windows 2000. (There is an MS KB article that explains why). I used an NT guest system on Virtual Server to accomplish this full IE download. Alternately, you can use most any workstation to download just the IE6Setup.exe that will download the remaining IE installation files from MS if you start it from the new NT VM installation and have network connectivity.
    Please don't forget, I could use some advice on how to get the the mouse to function, if it is possible, as the Hyper-v integration services would not install on NT Sp6.

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    Re: Mouse Control on NT 4.0 Guest on Hyper-V

    This is an addendum to my first post. I had installed NT on Hyper-V via RDP. This evening I got access to the console of the Windows Server 2008 with the Hyper-V role and the mouse funtions properly, even without the Hyper-v integration services that would not install on the Windows NT with SP6 guest system. This is good. However, if there is a solution to the mouse problem while using RDP with NT on Hyper-V, please let me know.
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      Re: Mouse Control on NT 4.0 Guest on Hyper-V

      Addendum #3: I just installed TightVNC on the NT Advanced Server 4.0 SP6 guest system on Hyper-V and it seems to be working well.


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        Re: Mouse Control on NT 4.0 Guest on Hyper-V


        How did you get your NT virtual machine to boot? I tried all the settings you recommended, and I get a blue screen saying Inaccessible Boot Device during startup. I never get to the point where I can set partitions. I also don't see how you created the hard disk sizes smaller then 1 GB.

        Is there anything else you recommend trying? I limited the processor capability, used 64MB ram, 1GB HD, legacy network adapter, removed default adapter, booted from CD. I'm going to try to boot from an .ISO image and see if that makes a difference.

        Thanks for posting!


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          Re: Mouse Control on NT 4.0 Guest on Hyper-V


          Once I made an image file from my Winnt CD, I was able to boot to it and succesfully setup the Windows NT server.



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            Re: Mouse Control on NT 4.0 Guest on Hyper-V


            Until reading your "Nevermind", I did not know that a CD install of NT 4.0 would fail on Hyper-V. I now am curious if this could be a problem with other operating systems as well. I almost always use ISO's, so I am no judge of this. Having a library of ISO's is very handy for installations via RDP.

            Thanks for you input.