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Disk Use and Network Manager Question

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  • Disk Use and Network Manager Question

    Hello all -

    I have 2 questions regarding Hyper-V image configiration. This is my environment:

    1 Power Edge 2950 with 6 NICS and 2 Local RAID Arrays. Array one is a RAID 1 for the physical host OS and array 2 is RAID 10 for data.

    An iSCSI SAN storage array.

    I so far used one NIC for the Local Host IP (192.168.0.x) and 2 NICS to attach to the SAN via iSCSI (192.168.130.x & 192.168.131.x). I wanted to dedicate each of the remaining NICS to each of the 3 Virtual Images I intend to run on this host. How can I dedicate a NIC to a Virtual OS without the host trying to use it? The host IP and image IP's are all on the same subnet.

    Can I bridge the 3 NICS and assign the same Virtual Network to all 3 images for the increased bandwidth?

    Secondly, Initially I intended on creating my images as follows: Run the 3 OS and Application VHD files on the Local RAID 10 array. I would then create 3 Virtual disks on the SAN, attach to the Host server and add/run a 2nd VHD file for each virtual image. On this VHD I would store mailboxes, SQL DB etc... Is this a good idea/bad idea?

    I could easily relocate the 4 local RAID 10 disks to the SAN and run the OS VHD files from there while still using a 2nd VHD file for the data.

    I am trying to get the best i/o preformance and avoid any issues. etc...

    Thanks -