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Hyper-V, DPM and VSS

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  • Hyper-V, DPM and VSS

    We have a cluster of hyper-v servers, using dpm 2K7 sp1 for backup, I know that the dpm backup uses volume shadow copy.

    The disk size on a virtual server shows 59gb used but on the host server the used space shows 95gb. This server is an exchange server, and the size increase I can assume is whilst the users were being moved to the server.

    We back up using dpm using most of the default settings, using a 5 day cycle.
    I also understand that the difference in the drive size is the vss expanding, but as far as I know it is unable to shrink the volume.

    Does anybody know if there is any software that will show the files in the vss area, and is there any software that will bring the drive back to a manageable size.

    My 1TB SAN has run out of space due to using DPM. I am about to add a further 7TB, as a lot of project are on hold whilst I am sorting this issue out.

    I look forward to any assistance in sorting this out.