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Install NIC on Hyper-V on Server Core

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  • Install NIC on Hyper-V on Server Core

    I've had good success with getting the service to run (in Server Core); i'm also able to create VMs with moderate success.

    I'm still unable to get a NIC to install.

    One thing I found was using the Legacy NIC; I hadn't thought about using that for a Win2003R2 x64 system. I've tried it, and while the Ethernet Controller is now identified in Device Manager - it still won't install any driver (I've tried a few different kinds - in an attempt to fool it; since it wouldn't accept the nVidia drivers on the Win2K3R2x64 DVD.)

    If anyone has ideas - i'd like to hear it.

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    Re: Hyper-V beta - Is it working?

    Hi, tk7275.
    As a new user here, I would suggest you read the forum rules. What you just did is called thread hijacking and it is not something that we allow around here.
    I reported this post to be split from the thread and open a thread by itself.

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