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Hyper-V Networking Issue

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  • Hyper-V Networking Issue

    Hi All,

    Here's the situation:

    Windows 2008 Server Core, x64 with Hyper-V (Server1)
    Windows Vista SP1, x64 (Computer1)

    Server1 has 2 NICs: (nVidia) and (Intel)

    I've installed and configured Hyper-V on Server1
    I've installed the remote mgmt tools on Computer1

    From Computer1, I configure NIC1 (nVidia) to be the Virtual Switch (External). Server1 reboots, connection restored.

    I can install a VM guest from Computer1 on Server1 (Current VM is a Windows 2003 R2, x64)

    However, the VM guest shows an unknown device in the Device Manager. I know this to be a nVidia NIC, but the drivers aren't installing.

    Every Hyper-V installation guide does the install on the Win2008 server - doesn't actually configure the VM Console.

    Does anyone have an idea how I configure the Server1 to use the appropriate NIC, and how to configure in the console what needs to be the virtual NIC/switch?


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    Re: Hyper-V Networking Issue

    Using legacy network card in the VM's?

    I had all kinds of issues with the normal default virtual nics. Changed to Legacy and Boom all fixed. Currently running 23 servers on Hyper V and Loving it.