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  • Need Help Understanding Application

    I've learned recently in class that network load balancing is best used where you aren't doing a whole lot of data writing or where your data remains fairly static and that failover clusters are best suited for situations where data is constantly changing and being re-written. What are the most common real world applications for network load balancing vs failover cluster ?

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    As I understand it the 2 are separate tasks and identified in their descriptions. Failover clustering is when you have shared storage for data and a cluster of hardware resources (RAM CPU etc) its a process of high availability. So say you have 10 servers with a 50/50 split of resource 5 servers on Host 1 and 5 servers on Host 2 and Host 1 fails the fail over cluster will make Host 2 manage ALL the servers as Host 1 has failed.

    Load balancing is the first step of the mentioned above, splitting your requirement (1,10,100 servers) over an amount of physical hosts to balance the load.