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  • DFS Replication Help

    I have an task to set up DFS replication as a backup from several remote client sites to a central datacentre. The proposed solution is this:

    1 local server in our datacentre (domain 1)

    7 remote servers on “domain 1”
    1 remote server on “domain 2”

    We have a trust in place between domain 1 & 2

    Server1 (local) will hold a replicated copy of the data on servers 1-6

    The data replicating from servers 1-6 must be kept separate.

    So the questions I have are:

    1. Is it possible to have multiple DFS replications from different source servers (servers 1-6) all pointing to one server (server1)?

    2. Would I need to do this via multiple namespaces?

    3. Would It be best to use different logical drives for each DFS replication location on Server 1?

    4. What would the best replication topology be? I'm thinking of Full Mesh with juts x2 servers in each replication group)

    5. Can anyone see any issues with the DFS over a domain with a trust in place?

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    Re: DFS Replication Help

    OK, quick answers
    1) Yes
    2) No - separate replication partnerships/targets in the one namespace
    3) Not really (IMHO) as once the initial replication is over, there won't be a lot of traffic (or will there....?)
    4) Is it just TO server 1, or both ways, but essentially 2 servers is always full mesh if both ways
    5) Really not sure about this - sorry!
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      Re: DFS Replication Help

      Thanks for the speedy reply.

      With regards to the replication server 1 just needs to take a backup copy of all the other servers so the setup would look like this:

      Local Remote
      Server 1 <----- Server2
      Server 1 <----- Server3
      Server 1 <----- Server4
      Server 1 <----- Server5
      Server 1 <----- Server6
      Server 1 <----- Server7

      The idea is if any of the remote servers go down a copy of the date will be held on the Local server. Based on this would you do a one way replication or 2 way like this?

      Local Remote
      Server 1 <----> Server2
      Server 1 <----> Server3
      Server 1 <----> Server4
      Server 1 <----> Server5
      Server 1 <----> Server6
      Server 1 <----> Server7

      Do you know how easy it is to change replication from 1 way to 2 way?


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        Re: DFS Replication Help

        If it is just for backup then you should do one way replication and make server1 read-only.

        If you want fault tolerance, redundancy, and/or load balancing, you should make it a full mesh, both copies writable plus proper namespace setup.

        By default, all users will connect to DFS targets in their local site. Be sure to note that while DFS Namespace and DFS Replication can be integrated, they are two different things. One does not require the other. Know what you need and why you need it.

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          Re: DFS Replication Help

          Cool, thanks for the info you've both been a great help.