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  • Hardware Reserved Memory

    I have installed a Server 2012 VM onto ESXi5, much the same as I have done with numerous other VMs without issue.

    I have noticed that although I have assigned 12Gb to the VM, it is only using 2GB. Looking at Performance area for Memory, I can see that 10GB of the 12Gb is Hardware reserved.

    I checked the MSCONFIG/Boot setting for the Maximum Memory, and this is not selected.

    Puzzled by this, anyone know how I can unlock the reserved portion of memory as my VM is unusable at the moment?

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    Re: Hardware Reserved Memory

    Ignore, after checking the server after the weekend it is magically using all of its available RAM with no hardware reserved memory. This appeared to fix itself.


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      Re: Hardware Reserved Memory

      Haha - sometimes inexplicable settings are inexplicably resolved! Computers are weird
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