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RDP EasyPrint not working on a 2012 server

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  • RDP EasyPrint not working on a 2012 server


    My domain contains a SBS 2008 (forest DC) and a 2012 server used as RD server.

    When I configure an EasyPrint printer on the SBS, I can print without any problem from a RDP session from home (using a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC).

    Of course, the correct printer driver is installed on the servers (as local Printer to a File). And a copy of this printer appears during the RDP connection (redirected x).

    But, when I connect to the 2012 server (direct connection, or via the RDG of the SBS 2008 ) :
    - The EasyPrint printer appear on the 2012 server (redirected x)
    - The print job appear on the 2012 server
    - But nothing is sent to my PC...

    Same result with the W2012 Firewall disabled.

    However, the 2 servers (SBS and 2012) are using the same GPO.

    Could you please help me to solve this issue ?

    Thanks in advance.
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