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MDT 2013 and system images

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  • MDT 2013 and system images

    Hi ,

    I have recently installed , MDT 2013 on Windows Server 2012. Now I am in plan to deploy windows 8 OS in 10 different physical machine and all of them are with different hardware configuration.

    Is it possible to deploy Windows 8 with , different Hardware configuration in network.

    Also , I have installed multiple software and create one master image physical pc with Widows 8 , I want to create a image for this pc and use it in all 10 different physical , how to create a master image of that system , which can be use inside MDT to deploy ...I think , MDT detects only ISO file as an image to deploy multiple system.

    Can any one suggest some image making software for windows 8


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    Re: MDT 2013 and system images

    Yes, different hardware configurations are supported, but not recommended. You will need to ensure all the relevant drivers are injected into the image and (IIRC) they must have the same HAL

    For Imaging, use ImageX which comes with the MDT
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      Re: MDT 2013 and system images

      As long as you have imported the relevant drivers, both system and WinPE, then it is possible yes.

      Why the need to create a master image?

      I have a gold image that i can set to be installed on any system as i would have uploaded the relevant drivers to the MDT share.


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        Re: MDT 2013 and system images

        Hi ,

        How to create that image of my windows 8 physical machine with all the software installed in it , so that I can use that image inside the MDT.

        While I am making a right click on Operating system menu option and import OS , it search for the DVD Media , So , Do i need to first create image and then make it ISO file of that image and then I need to mount it manually and then provide the location while importing the OS...

        Is there any other way for this...



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          Re: MDT 2013 and system images

          Its all in the relevant documentation that you would have dowloaded.

          There are also thousands of sites that will walk you through this step by step.

          Sorry but you need to do some research for yourself. This is probably one of the basic tasks that you will be required to do using MDT.