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Upgrade my DC 2003 to 2012R2

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  • Upgrade my DC 2003 to 2012R2


    I had 2 DC under Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition. My goal is to replace them by a new DC under Windows 2012R2.

    I fellow the steps described here to add them:

    I tested the replications and all seems to be ok.

    After some days, i tried to remove the old 2003 servers from my AD fellowing the steps here:

    I exchanged the IP addresses, i gaved to the new 2012R2 servers the IP addresses of the 2003 servers and gave a new IPs to the 2003 Servers.

    I was able to dcpromo one of the two 2003 servers, but got an error with the second (the one who owned the FSMO roles). The error said that there is no Domain Controller Detected. I seems that the 2003 DC doesn't see the 2012R2 DCs even if i have no errors with replications.

    When i disconnect the 2003 DC from the network, i'm not able to add workstations to the domain neither authenticate users.

    The 2012R2 DC are Global Catalogs.

    There is no Firewall between the servers.

    Did you have any idea about the cause of that problem? I'm getting somes tickets from users saying that there is some trouble with authentication, for example, users change there passwords and say that they are still authenticating useing the old passwords.

    Thank you

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    Re: Upgrade my DC 2003 to 2012R2

    Have you transferred your FSMO roles to the new Server?

    They should have moved when the server was demoted successfully.


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      Re: Upgrade my DC 2003 to 2012R2

      Sure, i transfered the FSMO roles to the new server.

      What i'm going to try today is to retrieve FSMO roles to the 2003 server and then re-transfer them to the new 2012 server to see if it can help.

      Thank you


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        Re: Upgrade my DC 2003 to 2012R2

        Try seizing the roles instead and see how that goes.
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          Re: Upgrade my DC 2003 to 2012R2

          Remember if you seize the FSMOs, the DC that originally held them must never be allowed to come back up on the network
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            Make sure old 2003 DC is healthy: There's a lot of things that can go wrong. In my case the 2003 DC had insufficient disk space and FRS got stuck with a JRNL_WRAP_ERROR state and SYSVOL and NETLOGON were not present on the new DC. Performing an authoritative restore on the 2003 DC did the trick, then roles could transfer without issue. I have lots of URLs from late night searches if you need them.