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  • Server Hyperlink Issues


    I have just replaced a 2003 SBS server, with a new 2012 Essentials server at oneofour customer sites. Everything is working properly except I am having an issue with some hyperlinks on one of the client machines.
    They are in a custom excel worksheet that finds and opens files using hyperlinks to the locations on the server.
    The original server was called INVDC1 and has been replaced with a new one named Server-1.
    When the user looks at the sheet, half of the hyperlinks have pointed to the file:\\Server-1 address, but quite a few of them still have the old file:\\INVDC1 address in the hyperlinks, and cannot find the requested file to open.

    Is there any way of pointing/forwarding the old server INVDC1 to the new Server-1 address?

    any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Server Hyperlink Issues

    You could create a DNS alias record - that should do it

    I don't know if essentials uses WINS (NetBIOS names) so further tweaking might be needed

    Alternatively a find and replace within the excel formulas would probably be as easy:
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      Re: Server Hyperlink Issues

      Once I have added the cname record, can I test it by trying to connect to the server from a file manager window using \\UKINVDC1 instead of \\Server-1 ?


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        Re: Server Hyperlink Issues

        Wouldn't a better solution be to fix the links in the document? Do a search and replace to replace the old server name with the new one. This should take all of 5 minutes.


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          Re: Server Hyperlink Issues

          I was hoping that I could just add some CNAME records that would redirect anything from the hyperlink file:///\\unkinvdc to file:///\\Server-1
          as there could be other documents on the server that used hyperlinks?

          anyone got any ideas?


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            Re: Server Hyperlink Issues

            Why not just create a static A record that has the same IP address as the new server?

            Fixing the links can then be done when found.