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Network Tools?

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  • Network Tools?


    Appart deom DCDIAG,NSLOOKUP,REPADMIN, what other tools are there to help diagnose issues with AD/DNS/DOMAINS etc?

    Are they any good third party tools? Maybe something with a GUI?

    There used to be things like REPLMON etc, but most of those ols Support Tools no longer work on
    modern Server O/S's.


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    Re: Network Tools?

    AD Diagnostic Tools
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      Re: Network Tools?

      Thanks, but I am looking for some recommendations on the tools other members use?


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        Re: Network Tools?

        I generally use what's available in the OS. Sometimes, a web search will uncover a dedicated troubleshooting tool for a specific problem and I'll use that.

        What are you after specifically? I guess what you want will depend on the size of your network and how many domain controllers you have. Are you looking for tools that will provide continuous monitoring of a 'fleet' or are you after stand-alone applications that can diagnose a single or small number of servers?
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          Re: Network Tools?

          Other than the event logs, ping, repadmin, dcdiag and netdiag I really can't think of anything I've used regularly for AD issues.

          Took a while to get used to but IMO repadmin is a far better tool than replmon. Replmon was never actually a supported tool, it was written by an MS employee for internal use and got released as part of the support tools.
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