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  • max virtual memory

    For a series of reasons I need to maximize the virtual memory.

    I set up a raid0 in windows 2008 r2 and windows 2012 datacenter, for a total of around 4tb, and then tried to move the page file to that volume.

    In the first case the max space available as seen in the virtual memory window was 2092826mb, in the second case (to my surprise) it was even smaller 1042466mb. I tried to use both mbr and gpt.

    Can anyone suggest a way to use more paging? or is this an unsurmuntable limit in windows?

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    Re: max virtual memory

    Why on earth would you want so big a page file - how much RAM do you have?

    Does Explorer show the full size of the volume - if so, I would not worry about the VM showing up as less (there may be some limits but I have never encountered them before)

    Just checked on a Server 2012 box I have with a 3.2 TB volume and it shows the space available for the page file as 99.5Gb (where there is over 1Tb free space) so it appears there is some upper limit - it could be contiguous space, possibly!
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      Re: max virtual memory

      I have a very hungry application (world machine) and for very big renders it needs big amounts of memory. I have an azure vm with 112gb of ram.
      I don't think it's contiguous space because I set up a brand new azure workstation and formatted all the disks just for these tests.
      Explorer shows the volume correctly, it's the virtual memory window that sees less space (and it doesn't let me put a higher value, so it's not a cosmetic issue).