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sbs2003 to 2012 Essentials + O365

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  • sbs2003 to 2012 Essentials + O365

    I'm reading through the migration guides and data at the moment and there's something I'm a bit confused about.

    I understand that I prepare the source server, then I have to migrate email to office 365 BEFORE I install the destination server. that's all well and good and I'd use a cutover method to do this (considering they are small environments)

    Once that's complete, I can then move on and do the S2012 installation and migrate all the data etc, gracefully remove SBS Server.

    am I still able to manage the cloud email users from the Essentials console after that though, does it still do the password syncing?

    has anyone done this process before and let me know if I'm just on the wrong track ?
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    Re: sbs2003 to 2012 Essentials + O365

    Pretty much on the right track. I've done several of these and basically I go:
    Prepare source server
    Start cutover migration
    Install destination server
    Migrate fsmo roles, DNS, DHCP

    Watch for ad sync errors here: I've quite often had journal wrap errors here, but that's easy enough to fix: the event log tells you what to do!

    Migrate data, third party apps etc.
    Switchover mx records to 365 and finish cutover miteration.

    You can then manage it from the 2012 essentials console ( password sync etc). Bit more involved if full 2012 rather than essentials, but that's pretty much it!

    Good luck!