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VSS Error

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  • VSS Error

    I am getting VSS error in 2012

    "A volume shadow copy service component encountered an unexpected error"

    Mostly when i run windows backup options

    i tried to restart the services manually but it shows "login failure error"

    Please help me out for the same


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    Re: VSS Error

    ive had that problem on a windows 2003sbs box. couldnt get the backups to run on anything, macrium, ntbackup, veritas, storagecraft... no go on any of them.

    i cant find the KB because i dont have my connect wise open, but basically i had to delete the crap in the folder where the stuff is saved for the vss service. i cant remeber the location because it was one of those 'S-1-115-9339535908358-293-01' named folders in app data somewhere.

    what i think happens is that the stored password gets corrupt and/or the admin password changes and then all the jobs are hosed. once you delete the folder contents, the jobs will run.

    idk if its an update or something that hoses it, but its an easy fix. i wish i could find the kb...
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