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  • File Transfer issue

    I have cifs shares on a netapp. I was copying them using robocopy from the cifs share to a windows server 2012 R2 Standard server on a nutanix platform. The crazy thing is everything look like it finished ok but there are folders and sub folders on the cifs share that does not have any files in it any longer. On the windows server share where it was getting copied to has all the folders and sub folders but no files as well. It did not happen to all folders but a lot of them the files are missing in both locations now. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm at a lost.


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    Re: File Transfer issue

    I don't think this was a robocopy issue but what parameters did you use?

    Do you have backups or snapshots of the CIFS shares?

    I have done a lot of copying off of NetApp to Windows using robocopy. The only issues I've run into is that the security information doesn't copy well. I have to run a /SECFIX with robocopy after running the initial copy.

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