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Major DNS Issues since Scavange

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  • Major DNS Issues since Scavange


    I have a Server 2012 Standard VM Ware environment with the primary domain controller within the VM and the secondary domain controller as a physical server.

    It looks as though I have accidently set the Scavenging / ageing settings wrong because I came in this morning and noticed that pretty much the entire DNS was wiped of records.

    Most of them have returned.

    However I have had loads of issues with Client PC's not being able to ping or browse any other servers or devices by host names, only by IP !

    This means Ive had people who cant print / access files.

    I have tried restarting the DNS Servers (both domain controllers are DNS servers), ive also looked through all the config and cant see any other issues.

    Ive tried loads of different things on the clients, ive taken them off the domain and put them back on again, they ping fine all the time they are off the domain but as soon as I put them on they don't.

    The funny thing is that the NSLookup is fine, but cant ping ! I had a moment when it would ping the secondary but not the primary however it now wont ping either by host name.

    I am at the end of my tether, does anyone have any suggestions?! (FYI all Client PC's are Windows 7)


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    Re: Major DNS Issues since Scavange

    Just to provide an update, I have done some more troubleshooting and can now get the clients to ping the servers and domain controllers, however it doesn't return the FQDN, only the IP.

    If I try and ping the full name, so DC1.domain.local, it wont recognise it !

    And for the life of me I cant find any reason for it, the DNS Servers are setup fine from what I can see and the domain controllers are in there including there fully qualified details.

    It seems that it isn't affecting all clients either, as my laptop for example is pinging the fully qualified name?! but another one isn't, even when I take it off and put It back on the domain!

    Im really lost as the event logs on the servers and clients aren't picking anything up.

    I wouldn't be too bothered about this, but group policy isn't applying correctly due to the FQDN issue.

    Any help would be much appreciated!



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      Re: Major DNS Issues since Scavange

      Start with the two DC's, can they ping each other and see each other?

      Check AV and firewalls.
      Then take a client and sort out the issues there, can it see the 2 DC's, can it ping them, can they ping it?
      Use Wireshark or Netmon to check on network traffic to make sure you don't have networking issues.

      You may need to reboot the PDC DC first, then the other DC.
      Make sure the DC's have each other at their primary DNS server ( DC 1 primary DNS is DC 2 and vice versa)

      Once your that far, the rest should fall back into place.
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        Re: Major DNS Issues since Scavange

        Hi, thanks a lot for your reply.

        Yes I can confirm that the 2 DC's can ping each other with all combinations and they return the FQDN with no issues at all.

        It appears to just be from the Windows 7 Client PC's that they cant ping correctly.

        This morning I tested my Windows 8.1 machine and it is pinging correctly as it always has, however 2 other Windows 7 Laptops wouldn't ping the servers at all with any combination except IP. I therefore ran Flush DNS then registerdns on them and they starting pinging, but not the FQDN.

        Then a few minutes later they stopped working and wouldn't ping for anything except IP!, I checked and the A records and reverse PTR records exist and look fine to me.

        I just don't understand what its doing.

        Thanks for the advice on the restarting order, as I was restarting DC2 first then once that was up DC1, so there was always one available, would that order cause problems?

        I can confirm that the Network on the DC's is set up correctly with each other as its primary.


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          Re: Major DNS Issues since Scavange


          The reboot order is important, as it relates to how Windows clients deal with DNS resolution.

          Are you sure that the Windows8 is pinging using IPv4 as opposed to IPv6?
          ping -4

          So the DC's can see each other - good.
          What is DHCP giving to the clients?
          Can you share the IP's on the DC's and an output from
          IPConfig /all
          from a client?
          You can remove the domain name with XXX's or whatever.
          The most important thing in life is to be yourself.

          Unless you can be Batman.
          Always be Batman.


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            Re: Major DNS Issues since Scavange

            Did you happen to compare the DNS records on both DC's? Are they both the same?