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  • Win2012 and RDS


    My client has the 2012 Foundation and ask me to install RDS on it, I told him that no needed buy more lics since the RDS is licensed with the foundation.

    After I install and I start getting a warning 119 days remaining. So it's licensed or not?

    My client wants to install on it Microsoft office, is it possible to use the O365 license he has? He has only 2 mailboxes but want to use the 4 licenses (from the 10 he has) in the server, is it possible?

    If not, can I order office H&B edition license to install in the server?

    Thanks for the help in these hard days...


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    Re: Win2012 and RDS

    In order to access a hosted application, such as Microsoft® Office, a license for Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services is required for each user account (not to exceed 15 user accounts) that directly or indirectly uses RD Gateway to host a graphical user interface, including using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client. When using Remote Desktop Services, you may not install or use Remote Desktop Connection Broker or Remote Desktop Virtualization Host role services. For more information about Remote Desktop CALs , see

    RDS is included, in terms of the right to run the software.
    However, the client access licenses are not included.

    To use Microsoft Office on a Terminal server, it has to be MS Office Pro, OpenValue or similar. The usual Office365 ProPlus licences are Retail, and won't install on RDS
    You must have Volume Licencing.

    you certainly can't install office H&B on a terminal server.
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