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Automatic updates - auto restart

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  • Automatic updates - auto restart

    Hi, I have a few windows 2012 servers that are WSUS controled for windows updates

    every once in a while the system will auto-restart
    what I need to know is how much time do I have before it will auto restart

    btw - I do not want to change the settings or the behavior I just need to know how much time until restart

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    Re: Automatic updates - auto restart

    What auto restarts; the Server 2012 when it installs the Update from WSUS? There is a GPO option that allows you to specify it to NOT reboot after an Update.

    DUH me. Just re-read and hopefully understand your question now. Seems like it is 3 days for Server 2012 (Server 2008 was 15 minutes)

    [Left the initial answer in as it may be useful for others reading this thread.]
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