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Netbios/UPN change on 2012 server

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  • Netbios/UPN change on 2012 server

    We have a customer who has changed his mind on the domain name of a 2012 AD setup we put together for him, 2 months after putting the server in.

    For the sake of privacy. I'll use a dummy name, but it's currently CONTOSOFARMS.local and he'd like simply CONTOSO.local

    I can change the UPN of course, to be [email protected] but he's seeing the old netbios login as the bit he wants changing, being CONTOSOFARMS\user currently.

    Is there any way I can mask or change this WITHOUT RENDOM? I feel it's way more trouble than its worth

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Netbios/UPN change on 2012 server

    tell him it's out of scope, it will require approximately 12 hours work, out of hours, to change the domain name.
    Ensure you tell him the cost for the out of hours fee.. see if he still wants it done
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