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domain controllers GUID mismatch

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  • domain controllers GUID mismatch

    Hello Everyone

    I did the transition from windows server 2003DC to Windows Server 2012 R2 DC.

    In windows server 2003 i was having issues with DNS as earlier admin made many changes
    which i am not aware also he renamed the domain controller.
    my GPOs were taking 2 to 3 reboots to apply the policy and we dont have any issue with network

    I decommisoned windows server 2003 DC, i have removed all entries in DNS and in active directory
    sites and services, i have deleted the computer account.

    i have deleted all the entries of domain controller in adsiedit
    DC=ForestDNSZones, DC=mydomain,DC=com &
    DC=DomainDNSZones, DC=mydomain,DC=com

    i have installed windows server 2012 DC with same old host name and same old ip

    after that i am facing issue with mismatch in Domain Controllers GUID
    The guid shown in the CNAME record in the DNS is

    The guid show in Active Directory Sites & Services(NTDS Settings) is

    but when i use the DSquery Command i am getting different GUID
    dsquery * "cn=dc-01,ou=domain controllers,dc=domain,dc=local" -scope base -attr objectguid

    please do guide me
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    Re: domain controllers GUID mismatch

    This page lists various ways to do this:

    Perhaps there is a method you have not tried yet which may work. However, it looks as though you may need to remove the existing server, then run the metadata cleanup before introducing a server with the same name again.
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