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New 2012R2 DC FSMO requirements

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  • New 2012R2 DC FSMO requirements

    This is mostly a theoretical question, but important anyway.

    In a forrest with 3 domains, each having 2 DC's running 2012R2, and I want to install a new 2012R2 DC in one of the domains, and the q is.

    Which FSMO role have to be available during provisioning?

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    Re: New 2012R2 DC FSMO requirements

    You have forest-level roles, Schema master and Domain Naming master. Those 2 roles appear only once in an entire forest. The other 3 roles are domain-level specific, so each domain would have it's own master for each of those 3: Primary Domain Controller (PDC) Emulator, RID Master, Infrastructure Master.

    Your forest-level domain, then, has 5 roles (forest + domain), and the other 2 domains have 3 roles (domain only), each.

    If each domain has roles assigned correctly, adding a new DC be simple: use a server already a member and DCPromo it. While I've never tried it, I'm assuming you want all the roles up and running before trying to add a new DC to a domain, if for no other reason so that the new DC doesn't try to take any roles because it couldn't find something.
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