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Hyperv2012 R2 tertiary replica - alternative routing

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  • Hyperv2012 R2 tertiary replica - alternative routing

    In Server 2012 R2 there is the option of tertiary Replica so I can replicate from host A to host B and then from host B to host C. Now in this situation if host B goes out of order then no replication takes place even though in theory A could be replicating to C. Is there any way to script Replica so that if B goes out of commission, A can replicate to C? If it has to be manual could I set up Replica in advance in some way so that if B failed i could quickly start Replication to C?

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    Re: Hyperv2012 R2 tertiary replica - alternative routing

    There are Powershell cmdlets for monitoring/managing replication in Server 2012. To get the complete list available, use this command in a Powershell window on the hypervisor: Get-Command –Module Hyper-V *repl*

    Explore each of the commands thru the in-built help for specifics on each. You could have a simple ping test or 'Get-VMReplication' result test scripted which could make the needed changes to get replication shut off from A to B and then activated from A to C. But, my own experience is that what you are trying won't work (directly). When A replicates to B, each replicated VM on B is linked to it's 'original' on A. If you turn off replication for any VM (not Pause, but Remove), and then try to start it up again, it will fail until the 'old' replica is removed from the B server. If you have A going to B, and B going to C, a new replication from A directly to C won't simply pick up the fact that a replica for the same VM name already exists. It will fail until the C replica VM of the same name is removed.

    I'm using 2012 Datacenter (not R2) to replicate VMs from a prime cluster to a slave cluster as a DR (2 locations, 2 identical SANs, 2 identical clusters). If we disable replication of any VM for any reason, we have to remove the replica VM from the slave cluster first, then in Hyper-V Manager delete the replica VM, then delete the vhdx files and guid entries from the CSV thru Windows Explorer. I'm guessing here, but believe that you may have to do the same thing when trying to set up replication from A to C when B has dropped off-line for any reason.
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