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From AD Server 2003R2 to AD Server 2012R2

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  • From AD Server 2003R2 to AD Server 2012R2

    I have a customer, they have 5 Server 2003R2 Servers, with 20 Terminal Server Licenses.
    They finally are upgrading to Server 2012R2, we have purchased the Software and 20 Terminal Server / RDP 2012 licenses.
    From Reading we add a 2012R2 Server to the existing Domain DC Promo that server, DC Promo the server being replaced, then remove that server from the domain.
    We now have been advised that 1 and possibly 2 of the programs they will be running will only run on server 2008 for another 18 months.
    And During the change over we need to still allow 2003 RDP T/Server access.
    Would I be best >
    Add A 2012R2 Server install the RDP / T/Server licenses on that as the license server? Will Server 2003 recognize the RDP licenses?
    Then Downgrade one of the 2012 licenses to 2008 and install, then will this 2008 server recognize the 2012 RDP license Server?
    Tom Cross
    Sydney Australia