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Customising ADFS pages

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  • Customising ADFS pages

    Hi All,

    Looking to customise ADFS sign in pages as per here

    however what I cant find out is if there is an issue how to roll it back to the default configuration? Anyone any ideas?


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    Re: Customising ADFS pages

    based on a very quick review of the page you linked

    it looks like the customisation is performed almost completely through powershell.

    everywhere there's a "New-" or "Set-" - prior to performing your changes, you should dump the code out with "get-"

    so - before doing "Set-AdfsGlobalWebContent –CompanyName "Contoso Corp""
    do "Get-ADFDGlobalWebContent"

    or - better yet, do "Get-ADFSGlobalWebContent | FL | out-grid"
    or whatever.
    That will give you a config dump of exactly what's configured now
    if you need to roll back the change, well you just perform "set-adfsglovalwebcontent -companyname "original value"

    where you're editing existing CSS or HTML or whatever files, simply make a copy of these to a safe location before ytou edit the files.
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      Re: Customising ADFS pages


      Thanks for the response

      Eventually I worked out the best way was to export the default theme modify that (via powershell) and then set the new theme as the default. Meaning if there were any issues I could just set the original 'default' theme as the default.

      Thank you for your help!