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WSUS Errors

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  • WSUS Errors

    I am not sure if this should be in here or in the windows 8 forum, apologies if it is in the wrong place.

    I have built a brand new WSUS Server on a VM using 2012 R2 Datacentre

    I have a Windows 8.1 x64 VM running in virtualbox on my laptop as a test client.

    Whenever I instigate an update from the client the windowsupdate.log shows this warning:
    EP Got WSUS SelfUpdate URL: ""
    WARNING: Cab does not contain correct inner CAB file

    followed a few lines later by this:
    2014-01-28 10:19:41:489 880 844 PT +++++++++++ PT: Synchronizing extended update info +++++++++++
    2014-01-28 10:19:41:490 880 844 PT + ServiceId = {3DA21691-E39D-4DA6-8A4B-B43877BCB1B7}, Server URL =
    2014-01-28 10:19:42:957 880 844 Misc WARNING: WinHttp: SendRequestToServerForFileInformation failed with 0x80190194

    Followed by fourteen entries similar to this
    2014-01-28 10:19:43:034 880 844 Agent WARNING: Fail to download eula file with error 0x80244019
    2014-01-28 10:19:43:039 880 844 Misc WARNING: WinHttp: SendRequestToServerForFileInformation failed with 0x80190194
    2014-01-28 10:19:43:039 880 844 Misc WARNING: WinHttp: ShouldFileBeDownloaded failed with 0x80190194

    files appear to be synchronised by WSUS, automatic approvals are set and appear to be working, but nothing is being applied at the client.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: WSUS Errors

    You might have to create and apply a group policy for the entire domain..once done then all clients will pick from there.

    any pretty straight forward


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      Re: WSUS Errors

      Yes - you must make sure that the Group Policy points to the http// of the server and, most importantly, the correct port. You can see this information on the WSUS snap-in on the server.

      If the Group Policy is correctly configured check this page for basic troubleshooting tips from the client:
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        Re: WSUS Errors

        Thanks for your suggestions, WSUS was configured correctly but wasn't authenticating with the web proxy so wasn't actually downloading any updates.

        Once I bypassed the proxy authentication it worked fine.