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Folder Redirection including Windows 8?

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  • Folder Redirection including Windows 8?

    Hi all,

    I am running a Server 2012 AD environment. Learning more every day. I have enabled folder redirection for the Desktop and My Documents folders for users.

    My self, I switch between two Windows 7 laptops. In doing so, I do see that there is, for sure, synchronization going on. If I don't use one of the laptops for a while, upon logging in I DO get all the stuff that has been created.

    So now... I have a test tablet running Windows 8. I have joined it to the domain. I have logged in. Nothing. LOL! I guess I was hoping redirection would work turnkey, but not so much.

    What do I need to do to get this working on Windows 8 devices as well? This is something I am thinking about doing in the future with some users.


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    Re: Folder Redirection including Windows 8?

    this coul dbe related:

    have you checked the event logs on both server and client ?
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      Re: Folder Redirection including Windows 8?

      Thanks! Will look.