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WDS image deployment

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  • WDS image deployment

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread but lets try.

    I have a Windows server 2012 running WDS. I have some images, I use WAIK/DISM to add drivers and Windows updates. Can I with WAIK/DISM add office to my images?

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    Re: WDS image deployment

    Hi, you cannot install applications with DISM. You can create a reference image with Office 2010 installed and then capture the image.

    When this is done you can patch the image using DISM
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      Re: WDS image deployment

      Okay thanks.


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        Re: WDS image deployment

        I believe there is an issue with adding WIMs created in Server 2008 R2 into Server 2012. From memory it was with Win 8 and since I haven't created any Win 8 images yet I may have misunderstood the conversation correctly but there is an issues of sorts in that area.
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          Re: WDS image deployment

          If you want to install Apps

          Install MDT 2012/2010
          Its Free
          Its Tiny
          It allows much better control for deploying images
          its also uses your existing WDS enviroment


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            Re: WDS image deployment

            MDT would allow you to automate the installation of the application but if you're going to have the application as a base for all installs then capturing an image with the application already installed will save a good bit of time in the deployment as MDT is just automating the process of installing the application during the deployment and not just copying the bits to the new computer.

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