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Lab/Test Setup - Using 2008R2 ISCI Targets

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  • Lab/Test Setup - Using 2008R2 ISCI Targets


    I have found myself in posession of a number of surplus servers (some with a ton of disk space) and wish to use them to build myself a 2012 lab environment.

    The issue I have is that the servers with the storage have old RAID cards that only have drivers for up to 2008R2.

    Can I set them up using 2008R2 and install the ISCI target and then make the storage available to 2012 hosts to use for storage of VM's (ie hyper V over SMB), or would I have to setup the storage server, then a 2012 server that attachs to it via ISCI and then provision the share on the 2012 server to then use it for hyper-V over SMB storage?

    It seems a shame to waste all the kit I have but Ive been informed by 3ware that no 2012 drivers are likely for the RAID cards I have so need to know what my options are.


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    Re: Lab/Test Setup - Using 2008R2 ISCI Targets

    You'll need to get the storage attached to a 2012 server since Hyper-V over SMB requires SMB 3.0. So presenting the volumes as iSCSI from 2008 R2 is an option. You could also try an in-place upgrade to 2012 to see if the storage still works after that.

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      Re: Lab/Test Setup - Using 2008R2 ISCI Targets

      There is always the option of using something like openfiler