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Migrate Server from 2012 Essentials to 2012 Standard

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  • Migrate Server from 2012 Essentials to 2012 Standard

    Hi All,

    We have to get change a 2012 Essentials single domain environment and server over to a new single 2012 Standard Server domain.

    Does anyone have any advice on doing this? Can we integrate the 2012 Standard server into the Essentials domain and then change it to the primary? Might seem like a silly question but there were license issues with the old SBS servers that I assume are still the case where you can only have one DC.

    I am ok to migrate the servers if required and maybe rebuild the domain although I am trying to simplify this if possible like we all like to with these things.

    Some things to note. I have just migrated the mail over to Office 365 so this is not a problem. I do need to somehow migrate and keep the DirSync service working and need this to be running in the same domain or in the new domain?

    Thanks in advance of any advise.


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    Re: Migrate Server from 2012 Essentials to 2012 Standard

    Hi Ben,

    I think these might answer your questions:

    Also, in 2012 R2 you have the Windows Server Essentials Experience role available.

    BTW - it was never a requirement/limitation that you could only have one DC in an SBS environment.

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