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RD Services single server install

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  • RD Services single server install

    Does anyone have any experience setting Remote desktop services in a single server install? I just found out that Microsoft made changes to the management apps so that they will only run on using a domain account. I have the server setup as a single server with remote desktop services installed and the licensing server on the same box. The licensing server reports no errors. When I log on using RD services it does not show that licenses are issued. The message about the grace period for installing licensing has disappeared. I am concerned that when the grace period expires the server will become in accessible. Any insight would be helpful. Should I send the server back and get server 2008 OS.

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    Re: RD Services single server install

    What kind of CALs did you use? (per device or per user)

    Have you configured the RDSH to use the License server?

    Have you verified using the licensing manager console?

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