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  • MDT 2012 On Server 2012


    I’m so confused, I have the problem with the drivers %make% %model%
    I’ve tried alot of solution and nothing happen.. still not going right.

    So I work with MDT 2012 That installed with ADK plus WDS on Server2012.
    Everything work perfect thanks to you Johan videos. but only the drivers i have to figureout.
    I Created Folders for My Own Computer I check with command prompt i wrote wmic computersystem get model & also manufacturer.

    So i get to the MDT and i create folder called
    Windows 7 x64
    Inside the Windows 7 x64 i create folder for the %Make% called – Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    And Under Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. I’ve create folder for %Model% called G41M-ES2L
    After that i go to the Task Sequence and Create “Set Sequence Variable” and I put In the line
    Task Sequence Variable: DriverGroup001
    In the Value Line: Windows 7 x64/%make%/%model/

    After that I go to the Injecting Driver and i changed to “NOTHING”

    And i Update the MDT 2012 SHARE And Boot again and nothing smell like the driver suppose to work, and keeping to the [ 1% Applying Settings installing windows ] with out installing the driver.
    So I check another solution to delete all I’ve done, and create another option.

    So only i decided to change is to delete the Set Task Sequence

    and to go Gather local only and to change it to gather only with data prosess and i put in the line


    And in the CustomSettings.ini I set command : DriverGroup001=Windows 7 x64/%make%/model%
    After that its still going to no ware.

    And I saw the Videos and search in google and no luck please help to find a solution

    Thanks alot

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    Re: MDT 2012 On Server 2012

    Have a look in the BDD deployment log, that will confirm what values are set to your variables.

    usually C:\Windows\Temp\DeploymentLogs\BDD.log

    I suspect the %make% is coming back with the pc/laptop manufacturer (ie: HP, DELL, ACER etc) rather than the motherboard and the same for %model%.