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Major Patching Issue Windows Server 2012?

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  • Major Patching Issue Windows Server 2012?

    I am surprised this hasn't been brought up here and I'm curious what others here think. What we have found is that there is no way to control when your Windows 2012 system will install patches and reboot. In 2008 R2 and earlier, you could set a day/time and the server would patch according to your schedule. This is now taken away and the option is only daily. Anyone else run into this and find any work arounds? We talked to MS about this and apparently we need to move on from WSUS to something more robust.

    There are a few articles of people stumped on this if you google it. Apparently I cant post URLs until I made 5 posts.

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    Re: Major Patching Issue Windows Server 2012?

    look harder.
    gpedit > computer > admin templates > windows components > Windows update

    It's the same place it's been for several generations now.
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      Re: Major Patching Issue Windows Server 2012?

      You're mixing things up. What does WSUS have to do with the Windows Updates options in Windows Server 2012?

      In addition, did MS really tell you not to use WSUS for Windows Server 2012? I find that a little hard to believe.

      If you look closer at the options available for Windows Updates in Windows Server 2012 you'll see that If you select to have updates installed automatically that it's done during a maintenence window, which you can schedule for any time of the day that you wish.


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        Re: Major Patching Issue Windows Server 2012?

        The settings are there it just doesn't work like in the past. The client no longer has the ability to install updates on a schedule you choose. I'd post a link but pparently I cant being that I just registered.

        Try it, then get back to me....You guys are making assumptions without trying it first.