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too early to install 2012 yet?

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  • too early to install 2012 yet?

    whats your guys opinion at the moment on windows 2012 server? in my company we did some tests with 2008 when it was just released and it really sucked, we only bought ourselves back in when R2 was released. Will it be the same "issue" with 2012? is it better to wait until an R2 version is released? or are the ones who already used 2012 on this forum pretty happy with its performance and stability? we cant risk having downtime in production....

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    Re: too early to install 2012 yet?

    Some nice features, but the lack of combined management with Server 2008R2 is, for me, a bit of a killer. Basically one set of tools to manage Windows 8/Server 2012 and a separate set of (almost identical) ones to manage Win 7 / 2008R2 -- IMHO it sucks big time
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      Re: too early to install 2012 yet?

      Yeah, I can see what Ossian is trying to say.

      That being said, we put up a 2012 HV host with a 2012 DC, and it seems pretty solid to me. Granted, I wouldn't say it has been put through its paces or anything, but it does as much as any of our 2008 servers, and is performing flawlessly.


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        Re: too early to install 2012 yet?

        I've been working with two different clients to implement Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Failover Clusters. It seems pretty stable at the moment but I think the jury is still out.

        Personally I find Windows Server 2008 R2 to be a bit more stable than Windows Server 2012.

        In addition, the new UI in Windows Server 2012 takes a little getting used to and is a bit of a PIA if you ask me.


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          Re: too early to install 2012 yet?

          We're setting up a Srvr 2012 Hyper-V system with Datacenter hosts and a shiny new EqualLogic SAN solution, and all VMs to be Server 2008R2. As others have said, the 2012 interface does take some getting used to, but all the trials we've done with iSCSI SAN connections, etc., shows it's looking good so far.
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            Re: too early to install 2012 yet?

            If it is before 11am then yes, it is too early for me to install Server 2012. Click image for larger version

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              Re: too early to install 2012 yet?

              Originally posted by biggles77 View Post
              If it is before 11am then yes, it is too early for me to install Server 2012. [ATTACH]5633[/ATTACH]
              That was funny.


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                Re: too early to install 2012 yet?

                That was very funny. But while I agree that the new UI is kind of a PIA at first, I think it would be great once you get used to it. But what really sucks is the fact that I tried to post on the Microsoft message boards about an accessibility issue with Server 2012, like four actually, where Microsoft really failed to implement UIA properly, and now blind people are stuck using PowerShell all the way, or asking for sighted assistance to administer the server, and there's this mod over there who simply links me to the connect site and says go fish when I explicitly mentioned in my first post that there is no longer an open connect site for Server 2012; I can't wait till I can speak to the lead program manager or something. I'm not kidding. PowerShell's good, and it does make things faster, but that's no reason for the company to shirk their responsibilities to make all of their products accessible for all. I try to be the AccessCop, but evidently I'm failing on this one, big time. But that is my thing with Windows server 2012; I could go tell Windows server 2008 R2 to go away if not for the pesky UIA properties missing.