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    I am having problem configuring a new name server on one of my domains.

    i registered the nameservers and at my registrar ( and i did a whois on internic and saw that they exist.

    however 48 hours later i can't get a ping to them, and nslookup returns "non-existent domain"

    here is my dns config:

    Forward Lookup Zones: (attached image1.jpg)

    Reverse Lookup Zones: (attached image2.jpg)

    What am i doing wrong?

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    Re: DNS server

    Since you are saying you can't get ping from them. check OSI layer 1,2,3. That is cabling all the way to router.
    Can you ping local host or any other server from your DNS server.
    If you can, then go for nslookup. Check your srv records.


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      Re: DNS server

      I am renting this server at
      so i can't check the cables but i think it's safe to assume that everything is ok at this end.

      i can ping other servers and localhost from that server.

      i did nslookup for the nameserver i registered. it returns 'non-existent domain':

      nslookup =>


      *** can't find Non-existent domain

      i tried registering and pointed it to a different server i have with iweb. thats an old server that was configured a long time ago and it's not using microsoft dns server.
      its using simple dns plus. and i can ping that nameserver just fine.

      so i assume i have a configuration problem with my MS dns server...


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        Re: DNS server

        i may have found the problem but i'm still checking.

        when i register name servers - do i have to also set them as the name servers of that domain?
        i thought that the registration process is a completely seperate thing from setting name servers to that domain.


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          Re: DNS server

          I think you are confusing public DNS, where records are created on someone elses server, with Windows DNS, where you manage records.
          Of course a hosting company is involved so things may be different, but I would not expect them to make you set up name servers on your server. Get their support involved
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