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2012R2 DFSR Performance issue

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  • 2012R2 DFSR Performance issue

    I have a DFS server with around 1500 replicated folders. I am currently adding Replicated Folders to this hub server and the amount of time that it takes to create the Members\Connections with Powershell is taking over an hour each. Am I doing something wrong? Also, it takes over an hour to just refresh the DFS Management console. If I manually create the Replication Group\Folder\Members\Connections the process is relatively quick, within 30 seconds. This doesn't make sense. Help!

    Powershell commands:

    New-DfsReplicationGroup -GroupName $DFSName | New-DfsReplicatedFolder -FolderName $DFSName | Add-DfsrMember -ComputerName $DFSServer, $ServerName
    Add-DfsrConnection -GroupName $DFSName -SourceComputerName $Servername -DestinationComputerName $DFSServer
    Set-DfsrMemberShip -GroupName $DFSName -ComputerName $ServerName -FolderName $DFSName -ContentPath $Files -PrimaryMember $True -Force
    Set-DfsrMemberShip -GroupName $DFSName -ComputerName $DFSServer -FolderName $DFSName -ContentPath $DFSServerRepFolder -Force
    Set-DfsrGroupSchedule -GroupName $DFSName -ScheduleType Always

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    Pretty sure this is due to PowerShell working directly with AD and it taking the time to replicate around the network.


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      Then why does it take longer now then it did in the beginning? My script used to fly through list of servers with no issue until I got to about 500 Replicated Groups. I dont think it should take an hour to create on group when the same process done manually through the console takes seconds.